My Music: Through The Years

My Music: through the years

My music style, taste, and genre has changed through the years. Here is all the tracks that I, myself, have been a part of creating. I must credit my close friends for being part of this experience.

Richard Shellard, Michael Stock, David Powell, Daniel Phillips, Lewis Filer, Robert Davies, and James Coles.

Two Days Late – The first lesson in my music

The first band I was in was called ‘Two Days Late’, we were terrible. Lots of fun. Made some great friends through it to. This band consisted of Me, Mave (Rob Davies), Effel (Dan Phillips), Donnie (Lewis Filer), and Mr Shells (Richard Shellard).

All Alone – Two Days Late
Good Times – Two Days Late
Dying In My Dreams – Two Days Late

Open Road

Open Road was my second go at making a band. Probable the most successful of the original material bands. Did the most gigs, and had the largest turn around in members; our sound quality increased as we grew up, just not by much. This band was: Me, Lewis Filer, Dave Powell, and James Coles

No Escape – Open Road
Nightmares – Open Road
Life I Wanna Have – Open Road
Powerless – Open Road
A Life of an Addiction – Open Road

From Dangerously Outnumbered – Silver-Streak

We move onto the next project; Silver-Streak. The youngsters fobbed off to Uni meaning we had to rustle up a new team. Unfortunately for some, I was a replacement. I was set to restart, yet again…and I found Michael Stock. One of the best musicians I have ever met. Band members were: Me, Michael Stock, Richard Shellard, Daniel Phillips, James Coles…with a few honourable mentions – Tristan & Rhys.

Why Don’t You Ever Listen – Dangerously Outnumbered
Boy Scout – Silver-Streak
Free – Silver-Streak
Gunning for You – Silver-Streak
Old Ladybird – Silver-Streak
Something Dad Said – Silver-Streak

Lone Wolf

Here are the songs I made myself. One for a son I will unlikely see again…and the other for my grandad, who died in 2012. This song has been etched onto my skin, and into the hearts of my family…and will be there forever. Members: Me, Myself, and I.

Bestist Friend – Fozzy Johnson
Save Me A Seat – Fozzy Johnson

Some Song for you

If you have enjoyed this journey, and would like to know more about where I am now; Musically. Head over to my contact page, and ask. I’m a really nice guy, I’m always happy to chat.