Service(s): refers to any work requested through consultation.

Creation period – time between the date stated on consultation form and the date on your invoice after completion of the work.

The Client: the person(s) or company that have been named on the consultation form. Following the name given, in the T’s&C’s the person(s) or company listed in the ‘Name:’ column will be considered as The Client.

MFE: abbreviation of Mighty Fozzy Entertainment, and means us as individual or team, also includes Foz.Tography.

Unit: refers to how the payment is monitored. Could be hours spent, or number of products.


During the creation period alterations will be expected for said service.

Once the work is completed, The Client, have up to fourteen days / two weeks to request final alterations. After the two week period have past, an additional fee may incur (see payment for additional fees).


All services provided are from a self taught team, and will follow all specifications provided by you The Client, on the consultation form. Also, will follow any and all guidelines from expertly sourced assistance, informations, and support.

All work will be carried out to the best of our abilities and a refund after receiving  finished services will not be acceptable.


If, during the creation period, you the client decide to cancel the work, a cancellation fee of 20% of the original charge of the service will be expected. This is to cover the hours and resources spent during the creation period.

Cancellation before the creation period begins will not be charged. If a deposit has been paid (see payment for deposit information) the deposit will be refunded. If a cancellation is requested after the creation period has begun, the deposit will be non refundable, but will cover the cancellation fee.

If, for any reason MFE are unable to complete the service, within an agreed deadline, a discount of 10% will be added to the final fee. If the work is cancelled by MFE, a full refund of all monies paid, excluding material cost, will be refunded.

External factors will be considered as unfortunate circumstances should they be the cause of a cancellation. Should you hire a service that weather impacts, and it no be fulfilled, only the deposit we be required as it is not the fault of MFE. However, renegotiation is welcomed as we aim to provide the best service we can.


All deposits and cancellation charges will be at 20% of the agreed total amount for the service, starting at £30.

Payment is accepted via PayPal, BACS, or cash. This is to be arranged during the first consultation, or final invoice. Whatever payment method you chose, must be adhered to. Changing this, during the creation period or after completion, may incur an additional admin fee.

Additional alterations will be subject to an additional 10% fee per unit if requested after the fourteen day alteration period.

All payments are expected within 30 days of the date given on your invoice. Regular reminders of payment will be forthcoming from MFE in the form of email or direct message. Failure to pay within 30 days may incur a fee. This will be 10% per unit for each week late the final payment is.


All work will be subject to a specified time frame. This will be based on the service requested. Note: if hired for DJ services, 2am is our set finish time. This can be negotiated during booking, but due to the value of the following day, please respect the set finish time.

Deadlines will be given by The Client or MFE as to when work can be expected. Additional times can be for alterations. As some services require step-by-step guidance, alteration times will be put in place to allow The Client and MFE to have set milestones that both parties can reach together.

Intellectual Property:

All original content created by MFE is the property of MFE.

All recordings carried out by MFE is the property of MFE.

All credit to MFE should read:

‘  In association with The Mighty Fozzy Ent. ‘


‘  With @TheMyTFozzy. ‘


“With @Foz.Tography”

All services collaborative with outside companies MFE will fully credit said companies as above.

All rights reserved by MFE, copy rights to Gavin L Johnson, @TheMyTFozzy, The Mighty Fozzy Ent, and @Foz.Tography.


If MFE services are threatened during any of the time during creation period, service date (disco/shoot), or alteration period, legal action may be taken. If services are threatened, MFE will terminate said service and The Client will be charged in full. Any additional cost, legal fees/loss of earnings/damages, will also be the responsibility of The Client.

By paying a deposit, you The Client are agreeing to these terms and conditions and it will be taken as a contractual agreement.

Should you have any issues with these terms, please bring them to MFE’s attention during consultation.

Reviews, positive or negative, should be made on The Mighty Fozzy Facebook page, or via email, or through comments on this website. Any and all slated comments made on social media, or any other form of public domain will be considered as an attack, and dealt with strictly.