I HATE: People who ask if their kids should believe in Santa Claus!

Yes, they bloody well should.

Ok, I know, WHO ARE YOU TO TELL ME THEY SHOULD???? people will now hit the comments, but let’s face it, you clicked the link, so you want some clarification, right?

I hate that. Who am I to you? Who am I to give you and your kids advice, they’re your kids. Raise them how you see best.

But, to back up my claim, here’s why they bloody well should believe.


Santa is believed to be a magical being that flies around the Earth (or across it if you’re a flat-earther. BTW flat-earther has a red squiggly line under it when it is typed, meaning IT IS WRONG!!! – Next blog??).

As I was saying, it is believed that Santa is a magical being that travels around the globe, in one night, delivering presents to all the children of the world. He travels in a sleigh, dragged by magical flying reindeer, carrying a sack full of self-replenishing gifts, or a sack so big it holds all of them. So, like a UPS man?

This, is utter nonsense. Mainly as, a quick google search asking ‘The Science behind Santa Claus’ returns a really good and in-depth blog from Huge Castillo Sanchez of Chalk Dust Magazine explaining all the math behind hit. Www.chalkdustmagazine.com/blog/science-behind-santa-claus/

In fact, my belief stems from the myth behind the man. Again, googling ‘Is Santa Claus Real’ pings back a lovely little phrase saying. No, he isn’t.
The myth is said to be started when a gentleman, who was left some money from his parents, decided to ‘pay it forward’. I’m guessing it was his ‘midlife crisis’ because he gave the money and all his things to less fortunate people, predominantly children. Eventually, he became a priest. The story goes, that each year during winter, he would jump on his cart, pulled by a donkey, and deliver goodies to locals. This varied from food, clothes, coal, and handmade toys. Some tales even state he would lower the money he gave down their chimneys at night, so they’d wake to find a bag left waiting for them.

In anticipation of his visits, children were to leave out food for him and his donkey, to aid in his journey. When he died, this became a tradition, one that is said to be in his honour as thanks from locals.


These can be related too by todays traditions. Toys are usually what is associated with Santa Claus. We have our children leave out milk and cookies for Santa, and carrots for his reindeer.
Now, my personal belief is that cookies and milk came from the same place his red suit did…corporations cashing in on the idea of Santa Claus. I mean, he’s CokeCola red right? Am I the only one who sees this? Nope, a quick google search and TheFact Site explains the backstory of Santa, https://www.thefactsite.com/why-is-santa-red/, and as it also shares similar back story to my previous comments, and explains it was indeed CokeCola that introduced Red Santa. Holidays are coming, and corporations capitalising on a heartfelt story. Milk and cookies…Americanism anyone?

Now, we see Santa as an aged, jolly, generous fat man. A true ‘Saint’. Generous, loving, supporting, inspiring, charitable, happy, positive…

See where I’m going with this. Santa Claus is real!!


I hate people who ask whether their kids should believe. You’re damn right the should.

If you want your children to grow up to believe that we’re in this life together…yes! If you want your kids to know what Christmas really is…yes!
If you want your children to understand what it means to be in the Christmas spirit…then YES!!

Santa Claus is real because he is the embodiment of happiness, during a cold and dark winter at the end of the year.
Santa Claus is real because he represents non-bias, fully inclusive positivity. He maybe named Saint Nicholas, but I guarantee you, the real Saint Nic didn’t care about any of the holdups we have today (race, religion etc). He just didn’t want to see people freeze or starve.

The relatable bit!!!!

Tell your kids this, if you ever doubt it again.
Santa Claus is real, like Spider-man is real. Spider-man was designed to be the perfect hero. Believing, without a doubt, that because he has the power to act, he acts. Because he can save lives, he saves lives. The fact, he/she CAN BE ANYONE. That was always the point. Spider-man was the hero, that anyone could be. Santa Claus is exactly that, the Christmas spirit that ANYONE CAN BE.
And that, my friends, is the real Santa Claus.

And why should you tell your kids Santa is real?

Encouraging kids to believe is TOP MOST IMPORTANT,
Because you can bribe them to do anything if you threaten Santa won’t come.

Merry Christmas!