My Music: Through The Years

I wrote most of these but credit go to my close friends for cowriting pretty much everything: Richard Shellard, Michael Stock, David Powell, Daniel Phillips, Lewis Filer, Robert Davies, and James Coles.

The first band I was in was called ‘Two Days Late’. We were terrible, but it was fun. Lots of fun. Made some great friends through it to:


All Alone

Dying In My Dreams

Good Times

Then came round two. ‘Open Road’. Probable the most successful of the original material bands. Did the most gigs, and had the largest turn around in members. Please forgive the quality, we were still learning.:

No Escape


Life I Wanna Have


A Life Of An Addiction

On to heavier things when I joined my main man Michael Stock, the other half to most of these songs, in ‘Dangerously Outnumbered’:

Bluesy Song (Used in ‘Hale to the Ale’)

Boy Scout

Old Ladybird (Originally written on the PlayStation game – ‘Music 2000’)

Why Don’t You Ever Listen

Something Dad Said

RomanHal (Unfinished)


Gunning For You (Use in a showreel for Time & Space Productions)

Then, there is the tracks that are just me. There are two. One was written about my step son from my past marriage, the other was for my Grandad when he died. This one has become the family send off song. So proud:

Bestist Friend

Save Me A Seat


Thanks for listening