5 Things that can ruin your party! [Weddings, Engagements, and more]

Want to avoid those potential things that can ruin your party? A good disco is and will always be based on the crowd. A tough crowd means a tough disco. However, there are factors that can create this effect, and those factors are not always controllable. Here are some of the things we have found that can ruin your party.

Timing can ruin your party!

This doesn’t refer to how long the disco is, as sometimes a one hour set is all that’s needed. What is meant by Timing, is when the party is.

What day your party is held on, plays a huge part. If you have a hen or stag night and twenty mates go with you, and during said night you all end up in a club screaming Sweet Caroline at the top of your voices, you’ll want a weekend. If not, and you want a nice evening with family and a few friends. Pick a weeknight.

With weeknights, most people work the day of or next day. This means they won’t tend to drink a lot, or stay late. The thought of work the next day holds people back.

Weekends, on the other hand, are the end of the week. Let your hair down. It’s why 90% of wedding suppliers charge more. Most popular evenings are weekends, as more people are likely to spend more at the bar.

Payday also plays a role, can’t spend money you don’t have yet. Mid month or end of the month tend to be a little quieter due to saving penny’s until payday. This can affect the dance floor.

Remember though, if you have friends and family who enjoy life without alcohol, it doesn’t matter what day, they’ll dance regardless.

Weather can impact your party vibe!

You’d expect the sunnier the weather the better the party, right? Not necessarily. If it’s warm and sunny, and you have a nice beverage, you tend to enjoy the weather by sitting outside. This is great if that’s where you want the evening entertainment to be, but if not, the dance floor will be empty until the temperature cools.

Rain, on the other hand usually the dampener of spirits during the day, allows for the energy to be provided by the disco in the evening. Either way, the DJ can work with it, just be prepared to enjoy an evening outside if it’s very good weather.

Buffet pauses the party.

When the buffet opens, the dance floor closes.

This is perfectly normal, the forty five minutes of chill time between first dance / opening disco, to main party, gives you and your guests a breather and time to fill up before the main event. You’ll find most people will only dance after the buffet, as it’s like an order. Bar for drinks, food from the buffet, dancing. Perfectly normal for the dancing to stop, while people feed.

Side note: We turn the music and lighting down during the buffet. Loud music and flashing lights flooding the room while people eat also ruin your party.

Children can make or break a party.

Children are great, fun, and happy. What we have found is that as soon as the music starts, they run around the room. Burning all their energy from the sweets or endless squash they have been given. This results in them taking up ‘the space’ people would normally dance in. It could be compared to trying to dance at a funfair, in the dodgems arena, while the hardcore bumpers are driving. It is a little off putting.

Some weddings though, the kids have brought life to the party. Usually, if there are children guests we play music for them (effectively a kids party playlist before buffet) and it warms the room up. However, it has been noticed that when the kids have gone, the dancers get up. Before that, they live at the bar.

Poor playlist choices and songs played at the wrong times.

Yes, choosing songs is half the battle. We cannot stress enough that song choices and when to play the floor fillers is important to a disco. Telling the DJ to play these early is like asking a marathon runner to sprint the first 5 miles. It will burn the party vibe out too soon. Yes, they are the best songs, yes people will rush to dance to it, but not at the start of the disco.

A basic Fozzy Follow chart:

  • Start with newish stuff: Some new songs are loved by all ages, which allows for all to dance.
  • Then move into the oldies: The good stuff. This is where a Motown or Disco set would fit.
  • Around 9pm/10pm: either rock or hip hop come out.
  • At either 11pm or midnight: dance, the Ibiza anthems. By then all the ravers are nicely drunk and go mental for a good DJ dance set. Even throw in some Garage for good measure.
  • End the night with a list of Sing Alongs.

If you make a playlist for your DJ, please let them be flexible enough to use your list their way. This means they can try and keep the party flowing, whilst sticking roughly to your requests. Playing songs like Sex On Fire at the start of the night mighty be a good way to get everyone up. However, unless you have a whole set list to keep them up, trust us to know what we’re doing.

If you want to read more about song choices and why we recommend the DJ be trusted, have a read through our blog post ‘To provide a disco playlist or not?’.

Final thoughts on how not to ruin your party.

No one can guarantee the dance floor will be rammed all night. That down to you and your guests. If they want to go on a musical journey, a good DJ will lead them, and it will be amazing. But, as life is the way it is, hurdles will crop up and cause some issues. Sometimes, we misread a room, and play a song that should and normally works. But at that moment, that same song may cause people to go to the bar, or just sit and watch. We’re only human after all.

Please factor in all the variables before deciding the DJ is at fault for an empty dance floor. Sometimes, it could simply be too hot.

To provide a disco playlist or not?

To provide a disco playlist that suits everyone can be difficult, even for the most experienced DJs. Here are a few pointers on the best way to support your DJ, to get the best out of your party.

Is it a good idea that you provide a disco playlist for your party?

It is your party, so yes!

Of course, the first point it is your party. You get what you want. Don’t let cousin Jeff have his tunes from his band ruin a great vibe when their music would probably be beaten in the charts by a pneumatic drill. However, providing a list of songs for the DJ to work through throughout the night is fantastic. It gives the DJ an idea of what you like.

For example, if you give the DJ three or four songs from 2000’s that feature RnB artists, then we can work out what songs we can add to your list that will enhance your night. Having a list, and told to only play off the list restricts the DJ from using their experience to, well DJ. If you provide a lengthy list, DJs will play only off it, but most will tell the crowd the music has been hand picked by you. So pick really good songs!

If you provide a disco playlist the DJ can pick songs that fit into your list. Remember most of the night you are gonna be so busy enjoying yourself you may not hear that SpiceGirls song you love. Doesn’t mean the DJ didn’t play it. Check with your DJ if this is a service they offer. Some DJ’s are specific genre and will stay within that. You will be hiring them specifically for their talents, so make sure you understand the list might not et played if it doesn’t fit.

Careful what you wish for.

Before you hire a DJ, meet them. In our experience, we have come across clients that have had really poor experiences with resident DJs, or ‘professional’ DJs. Get a feel for who they are, and what they stand for before committing to hiring. We pride ourselves on being the service you need. This will help you to avoid:

  • muffled sound system.
  • poor lighting effects.
  • the same songs played again and again.
  • DJs looking bored.

Please, before you pay any money, do at least two fo the following:

  1. Met the DJ,
  2. Read a review,
  3. Ask for a recommendation,
  4. Been to one of their disco’s,

Doesn’t always end in a good evening

Sometimes a friend or relative will recommend a DJ, but then you provide a playlist. Remember that bit. You provide a disco playlist. If you have to use a resident DJ to the venue you have booked your party. Ask to meet them, contact them, talk to them. You will want to make sure the DJ will be great for you and your guests. If you want full control, provide them with a ‘play by play’ playlist. This is where you work out the songs, and tell the DJ to just play them in order. This is NOT recommended if you trust the DJ. They will likely know exactly what your guests will like, or be the DJ you want them to be.

Recommended tips:

  • If you can, always meet the DJ. Either face to face, through a wedding showcase, or simply through social media. Trust me, their Instagram or Facebook posts should tell you how their parties go.
  • Always try your best to give a list of songs, but remember to allow the DJ to chose if certain songs are not to be played. Allow the DJ to add songs, or play around your list. This means to put songs in that work with your list, and will keep the party going. This is the bit you are paying them to do. Of course, if there is a song or two you really want, highlight them.
  • No need to request floor fillers. Have a read through our blog ‘5 things that can ruin your party! [Weddings, Engagements, and more]’ for reasons why playing power house tracks too soon is a bad idea.

Final thought.

If you want to ask your guests to request songs, that is fine. But please remember that you are giving control of your evening party to them. If they chose songs that are boring, or inappropriate but you have said they need to be played, we will play them. If through invites, vet them yourself before providing them to the DJ. You will see for yourself, not all guests know what’s best for a great disco. However, feel free to allow guests to request songs on the night. They may just surprise the DJ with a tune that they haven’t heard in a long time. We may even end up joining you on the DanceFloor.